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Friends of Mark Greene
For Director of Elections

From King County, Washington: The Platform



The last remaining remnants of the Dean Logan era would finally be history by electing Mark Greene for Director of Elections, King County.  What the media doesn't talk about regarding the Elections Dept. are late ballots, mixed up voters' pamphlets and a Potemkin Village where the partisanship and chaos inside are covered up, and they're not transparent; try finding all the candidates who filed in the spring, including those not in the Primary, on their website (it'll take a little time).  It's easier on this site; just click on the link above.  Start anew: we need an Elections office that will be thorough in checking every aspect of election operations.  

One's just below, but more of Mark's photos are on Biography page, including early days in Michigan, circa 1960.  Also, be sure to check "Issues" and other pages under "More" through the page links listed at the top of the page.  New site by supporting organization.



Empower your vote by electing a director that will make sure that it is not diluted by unauthorized, invalid votes of a number of kind.  The magnitude & authenticity of all votes will be strengthened by a director that will actually check vote counts by hand-counting a broad sample of machine counts, and will check for overall correctness of the system, including registrations, where others assume everything's OK without even looking. With a win, Elections would start checking randomly selected registrations with a fine-tooth comb, and take other pro-active measures to ensure an overall integral system.



America:  Western, English-speaking, Christian and Christian Pilgrim-inspired liberty of faiths & libertine generally.  America is a People, not the globalist-speak "idea," but we may lose what's left of our moorings (ancestral, traditions, Constitution) if we don't get back to our common traditionalist values.  For Liberty's sake, please help.  We can't win this race without you.  Leafleting, word-of-mouth & donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

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