Mark Greene For Director of Elections

The Platform

Strength & Nation

Our dismal ultra-liberal Washington Legislature passed a "slew" of voting laws this year (automatic registration, underage pre-registration, same day voting, etc.) that are very problematic, and makes it even more likely that Washington will have all kinds of invalid voting problems -- if they cared enough to know;  or worst,  actually do know and do nothing except pass bad laws.

 Mark's photos are on Biography page; link's above, including family photos, circa 1960, Michigan, U.S.A 

United By A Common Goal

Empower your vote by electing a director that will ensure that it is not diluted by unauthorized non-legal votes.  The magnitude & authenticity of all votes will be strengthened by a director that will actually check vote counts by hand-counting a broad sample of machine counts, and will check for overall correctness of the system where others assume everything's OK without even looking.

Get Involved

America:  Western, English-speaking, Christian & Libertine.   America is a People, not the Globalist-speak "idea," but we may lose what's left of our moorings (ancestral, traditions, Constitution) if we don't get back to our common values, and the Radical Left takes completely over.  For Liberty's sake, please help.  We can't win this race without you.  Leafleting, word-of-mouth & donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.


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