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Susan B. Anthony

Focus On Specific Issues

Additional Information About This New Section

Hello to interested voters and observers of the 2019 King County Elections Director election.  This is the promised new section in which Friends of Mark Greene For Director of Elections will get into elections issues a little more detailed than what you have seen on this site thus far.  Our first focus will be on ballot tabulation, and the Friends of Mark Greene idea to de-aggregate the counting system so that if any errors are found, they can be quickly spotted and analyzed by focusing on specific voting areas where the problem or problems are occurring, which is likely more difficult and takes longer in the centralized system that King County uses for counting.  

De-aggregation could also extend to ballot preparation and other areas of elections operations as well, but no dramatic changes in the present system would occur without first doing a legal analysis and weighing the "pros & cons" of any reform.  We'll be writing more about de-aggregation in this section, later, as more content is added about various issues, gradually.  The latter sections of this page are more general, but give readers a sense of direction about how a new director would operate.

The Mark Greene For Director of Elections campaign recently proposed, on this site's blog (through the post "One County, One Pamphlet"), that the county voters' pamphlets be consolidated as one pamphlet with all the districts, municipalities and jurisdictions contained within, instead of being sub-divided as is presently the case, which in the past has led to prime information being mistakenly omitted from some pamphlets, and voters not being aware of what some of their neighboring King County voters were voting on.  We believe this will be a vast improvement in reducing the chance of possible big errors, and in furthering the knowledge that voters would have about our entire county, not just certain parts of it.

Susan B. Anthony, 1820 - 1906

One of the earliest pioneers in the fight for woman suffrage, Susan B. Anthony is the most famous suffragist that led this struggle, which was redeemed by the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution in 1920.



Woman Suffrage Enshrined in the Constitution

The symbolic aftermath of the ratification of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as depicted by Life Magazine in 1920.

19th Amendment Ratified in 1920


"Puppeteers," Out!


Upset the apple cart and reorder the deck at King County Elections, which is headed up by a Dean Logan acolyte (even worst, may have learned under Bob Roegner, too).  With the disingenuous new voting laws passed by the Legislature, we'll need extra scrutiny to make sure there's no underage, non-resident and/or non-citizen voting, or any kind of invalid voting whatsoever (caveat: we support actual voting by 16 & 17 year olds).  Let's send the puppeteers on their way out the door on Election Day in November.  A vote for Mark is a vote for sound election practices.

The Old Era at Elections Would Be Done For


A former leading puppeteer, Dean Logan, ran off to California some time ago, but some of his worst policies still linger.  Mark is mostly concerned about policies, not personnel so much, as 95% per cent or more of the current staff would very likely remain, but there would be more emphasis on hand-counting votes and making as sure as possible that there's no hacking of the system.

Close the deal


Empower your vote, sweep out the staleness left over from old administrations, make Elections pretty much hands off from the parties, and sweep away the last remaining fragments of the old era by voting for a new director in November.  You would learn the most about Mark's stances on election issues by reading the blog at the bottom of this page.