Vote for Mark


Upset the apple cart and reorder the deck at King County Elections.  With the terrible new voting laws passed by the radical leftist Legislature, we'll need extra scrutiny to make sure there's no underage, non-resident, non-citizen voting, or any invalid voting whatsoever.

The Dean Logan Era at Elections Would Be Done


Logan ran off to California some time ago, but some of his worst policies still linger.   Mark is mostly concerned about policies, not personnel so much, as ninety-eight per cent of the current staff would remain, but there would be more emphasis on hand-counting votes and making 100% sure there's no hacking of the system.

Close the deal


You can vote for Mark and still have Julie Wise, most  likely, as Mark would probably keep her on if she wanted to stay; with less power, but her experience would come in handy.  Empower your vote, close the deal, and vote for a new director in November of 2019.  

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