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The Youth Factor In Politics

Now, that Mark Greene is running for Lieutenant Governor of Washington, this page will be transitioning, in the coming weeks, to content more suitable for that campaign, although elections remain a big concern for any office.

The Citizens For Mark Greene Committee is reaching out to the young, and this page will focus on the youth, who have long been, throughout human history, the most rebellious of society and lingering edifices that have become outdated or dysfunctional.  We will gradually be adding content to this section. 

We would like to use the blog portion of this page for guest posts by those who are 24 or under, pretty much early 20s and teens, so those can begin to be submitted by those young people who are reading this now or hear about it by word-of-mouth (submit blog entry with name, age and phone number through the "Donate & Contact Us" message form). 

Note: there may be some editing for grammar for guest posts; real names must be used, no swearing and stay on topic of politics; really-out-there incivility will be rejected.

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 Youth power.  Learn all there is to know about us.  We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Ousting "puppeteers" and their influence through elections.  We've had more than enough, especially of "puppeteers" like Inslee & Co., Constantine & his "Machine," RHINOs like Reagan Dunn, columnists like Danny Westneat and Bob Roegner; papers like the Seattle Times and The Stranger; and organizations like the Municipal League of King County... to name just a few.


Youth Power


Protect environment, have a broader cooperation... but non-cooperation if necessary...  with other countries while maintaining our values and independence, and work for economic betterment for all.

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