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The Mark Greene for Director of Elections Committee is reaching out to the young, and this page will focus on the youth, who have long been, throughout human history, the most rebellious of society and lingering edifices that have become outdated or dysfunctional.  We will gradually be adding content to this section.  "Greene For Director" is in favor of the vote for 16-year-olds & above, but wasn't in favor of underage pre-registration until a lowering-of-the-voting-age bill actually passes and becomes law .  In other words, believed registrations should wait until people can actually vote, because addresses change, sometimes names change, and a few even forego their American citizenship; election officials shouldn't have to go through paperwork for people that can't actually vote (which could also be confused with actual eligible-to-vote registrations), but Washington law now allows this, and of course we will follow the law; presently, we see no reason for changing it. 

The belittling, partisan hack puppeteers that the Usual Media has become, like the Seattle Times and The Stranger, are disconcerting forces in our democracy.  It's troubling that these puppeteers are able to guide so many people.  We call them the handful (and when we say handful, we're talking about less than 10 people on most, maybe all, of these editorial boards; the non-editorial newspaper is the right arm to the editorial left arm -- practically, no difference) directing the multitudes on how to vote, but we're suppose to be a nation of rugged individualism?  This might be one of many topics that our youngest supporters want to discuss.

We would like to use the blog portion of this page for guest posts by those who are 24 or under, pretty much early 20s and teens, so those can begin to be submitted by those young people who are reading this now or hear about it by word-of-mouth (submit blog entry with name, age and phone number through the "Donate & Contact Us" message form). 

Note: there may be some editing for grammar for guest posts; real names must be used, a little swearing is okay, but try to stay on elections topic; really-out-there incivility will be rejected.  

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 Youth power.  Learn all there is to know about us.  We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Finishing the job: ousting "puppeteers" and their influence through elections.  We've had more than enough, especially of "puppeteers" like Executive Dow Constantine, other County politicians like Balducci, Dembowski and Dunn.  State politicians like Bergquist and Kuderer; columnists like Bob Roegner and Danny Westneat; papers like the Seattle Times and The Stranger; and organizations like the Municipal League of King County and the so-called National Women's Political Caucus ... to name just a few.


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